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Main developer

  • Andreas D. Schenk 1
  1. Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston


  • Jeff Lovelace 2
  1. Epley Institute, Structural Biology Facility, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha

Former Developers and Contributors

  • Ansgar Philippsen
  • Valerio Mariani
  • Marco Biasini
  • Giani Signorell
  • Johan Hebert
  • Remco Wouts
  • Simon Bernèche

Mailing Lists

We have a user mailing list for general questions and discussions concerning IPLT, as well as a dedicated developers mailing list.

Financial support

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IPLT has been made possible with financial and personnel contributions from:

Website and Hosting

The hosting of the source code and the website was kindly provided by the:

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