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New homepage

August 27, 2013

IPLT has a new homepage with updated and extended documentation. In addition to the online version there is now also a pdf version of the documentation. The old wiki-based homepage can be found here.

New IPLT packages available: Version 0.9.7

April 30, 2013

New IPLT packages are available.

New IPLT packages available: Version 0.9.6

February 1, 2013

New IPLT packages are available. With this release IPLT adopts a new version numbering scheme. Instead of of naming version by svn commit IPLT now uses a sequence based versioning scheme in the form major.minor.patch . The new release features among other changes a refactored diffraction processing pipeline.

Website redesign

February 1, 2013

The IPLT project website was redesigned and the documentation updated. The new website features a better organization of the documentation, which makes finding relevant information easier. The documentation was generated using the Sphinx generator.

New IPLT packages available

September 15, 2011

Packages for revision 1869 are now available on the download site for Linux and OSX. The Linux packages include 32bit and 64bit versions. All packages are based on the newest version of OpenStructure and contain all the command line and GUI tools for diffraction processing and correlation averaging. The new version of IPLT also added support or an additional file format: the Ditabis Micron image plate file format.

Correlation Averaging included in IPLT bundle

August 30, 2010

With revision 1821 on OSX and revision 1820 on Linux IPLT now includes again the script for correlation averaging.

Update: for OSX use revision 1848 for the correlation averaging. Revision 1821 had the correlation averaging included but one necessary file was missing in the installer.

New Homepage

August 16, 2010

The IPLT project has a new website with a new design and an updated documentation. The documentation is updated to reflect the changes in IPLT due to the move to OpenStructure as base. New documentation including a description of the new GUI for diffraction processing will follow soon.

2D electron crystallography workshop in Basel, Switzerland

August 1-7, 2010

IPLT will be part of the software presented at the electron crystallography workshop in Basel. There will be several talks concerning the processing of electron diffraction data with IPLT as well as hands on tutorials.

New version of IPLT based on OpenStructure

July 20, 2010

The IPLT geom, info , img, io, alg and gui modules were integrated into the OpenStructure framework. !OpenStructure is an open-source, modular, flexible, molecular modelling and visualization environment. Before the integration of the IPLT modules it already shared a lot of code and concepts with IPLT. The merging of the code avoids code duplication between the two projects and simplifies maintenance. In addtition the IPLT project can now directly profit from new features implemented in !OpenStructure.