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Image processing library & toolbox IPLTΒΆ

The Image Processing Library & Toolbox is an open-source project, released under the GNU General Public License. It is primarily aimed at the electron microscopy community, with particular emphasis on 2D electron crystallography. It consists of several modular class libraries written in C++, each exposing a majority of their interface to Python, upon which the processing logic is build. Easy extendability has been a prime focus for the framework design, and we welcome any contribution from the community. IPLT is based on the OpenStructure framework upon which it builds to provide a grahpical user interface and algorithm tailored for electron crystallography.

_images/iplt_logo.jpg _images/diff_manager_patterns.jpg _images/data_viewer.png _images/diffraction_pattern_panel.png _images/lattice_line_viewer.png _images/merging_panel.png _images/osx_installer.png _images/project_panel.png _images/scaling_widget.png