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Microscope data


class iplt.Defocus((object)self, (float)dx, (float)dy[, (float)angle=0.0])

Encapsulates defocus of a electron micrograph, defined by two defocus values in Angstroem and the angle of astigmatism in radians.

GetAstigmatismAngle((Defocus)self) → float :

returns astigmatism angle

GetDefocusX((Defocus)self) → float :

returns defocus in x

GetDefocusY((Defocus)self) → float :

returns defocus in y

GetMeanDefocus((Defocus)self) → float :

returns mean defocus

SetAstigmatismAngle((Defocus)self, (float)angle) → None :

sets astigmatism angle

SetDefocusX((Defocus)self, (float)dx) → None :

sets defocus in x

SetDefocusY((Defocus)self, (float)dy) → None :

sets defocus in y

SetMeanDefocus((Defocus)self, (float)d) → None :

sets mean defocus

__init__((object)self, (float)dx, (float)dy[, (float)angle=0.0]) → None :
initialization with defocus in x and y and astigmatism angle
__init__( (object)self [, (float)d=5000.0]) -> None :
initialization with mean defocus