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Reflection List Import and Export

The structure of the reflection list was inspired from the CCP4 style mtz format. For this reason, a reflection list can be exported to an mtz file, fully preserving its contents, and re-imported at a later stage. However, the import functionality is not meant to handle the complex and diverse capabilities of the mtz format, and cannot replace the CCP4 utilities to handle generic mtz files.

In addition, in order to support data interchange with MRC, an aph importer and exporter are available.


ReflectionList ImportMtz(string file)
Import a reflection list from an mtz file
ExportMtz(ReflectionList rl, string file)
Export a reflection list to an mtz file
ReflectionList ImportAph(const string& file)
Import a reflection list from an aph file
ExportAph(ReflectionList rl, string file, string title="", string order="")
Export a reflection list to an aph file
iplt.ImportMtz((str)filename) → ReflectionList
iplt.ExportMtz((ReflectionList)rlist, (str)filename[, (bool)multi_batch=True]) → None
iplt.ImportAph((str)filename) → ReflectionList
iplt.ExportAph((ReflectionList)rlist, (str)filename[, (str)title=''[, (str)order='']]) → None