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Reflection Index

The iplt::ReflectionIndex class represents the special nature of the 2D crystallography reflection indices, defined by integer h and k and floating point reciprocal z.

The usage of the reflection index is explained in the entry for the reflection list.

class iplt.ReflectionIndex((object)self, (int)h, (int)k[, (float)zstar=0.0])
AsDuplet((ReflectionIndex)self) → Point
AsTriplet((ReflectionIndex)arg1, (float)self) → Point
GetH((ReflectionIndex)self) → int
GetK((ReflectionIndex)self) → int
GetL((ReflectionIndex)arg1, (float)self) → float
GetZStar((ReflectionIndex)self) → float
IsEqual((ReflectionIndex)self, (ReflectionIndex)idx[, (float)epsilon=1e-08]) → bool
ToVec3((ReflectionIndex)self) → Vec3
__init__((object)self, (int)h, (int)k[, (float)zstar=0.0]) → None

__init__( (object)self, (ReflectionIndex)index, (float)zstar) -> None

__init__( (object)self, (Point)hk) -> None

__init__( (object)self, (float)thickness, (Point)hkl) -> None

__init__( (object)self, (Vec3)v) -> None