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Reflection Proxyter

The ReflectionProxyter class is used to access entries in a reflection list, and is provided automatically upon iteration over such a list. See the reflection list entry for more detail.

class iplt.ReflectionProxyter((object)arg1, (ReflectionProxyter)self)
AtEnd((ReflectionProxyter)self) → bool
Dec((ReflectionProxyter)self) → None
Delete((ReflectionProxyter)self) → None
Get((ReflectionProxyter)self, (str)label) → float

Get( (ReflectionProxyter)self, (int)idx) -> float

GetIndex((ReflectionProxyter)self) → ReflectionIndex
GetResolution((ReflectionProxyter)self) → float
Inc((ReflectionProxyter)self) → None
Index((ReflectionProxyter)self) → ReflectionIndex
IsValid((ReflectionProxyter)self) → bool
Set((ReflectionProxyter)self, (str)label, (float)val) → None

Set( (ReflectionProxyter)self, (int)idx, (float)val) -> None

__init__((object)arg1, (ReflectionProxyter)self) → None