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Project management

Project creation

Welcome screen

If the diffraction manager (giplt_diff_manager) is started within a directory containg an IPLT diffraction project, it displays the project. Otherwise it display a welcome screen allowing the user to either select an existing project or create a project.


Figure 1: Welcome screen

Project creation

The user is guided through the project creation by a wizard. the following parameters have to be provided by the user:

  • Path: Directory where all the project data will be stored.
  • Raw image format: File format of the recorded raw images.
  • Project prefix: Three letter code identifying the project.
  • Spacegroup: Crystallographic spacegroup of the recorded crystals.
  • A: Length of the first unit cell axis.
  • B: Length of the second unit cell axis.
  • Gamma: Angle between the unit cell axes in degrees.
  • Thickness: Thickness of the unit cell.

Figure 2: Project creation wizard